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Most ball, roller and lead screw assemblies can be refurbished to perform to the original manufacturer's specifications but you will need an expert and reputable ball screw rebuilder to do the work.

A rebuilt ball screw reconditioned by Express Ball Screw Repair Service
can be expected to double its service life, supplying extra years of reliable operation at a fraction of the cost of a new ball screw.

Machine accuracy will be improved, avoiding scrapped work and costly and unreliable offset changes.

Circular and linear interpolation will be improved on milled bores and turned thread cycles.

Noise and ball screw servo drive overloading will be relieved, cycle times decreased and tool wear reduced.

Because your old worn-out ball screw is returned to you after repair in like-new condition, you can be confident it will fit your machine without modification or extra costly parts that replacement ball screws often need.

It really does make sense to repair your existing used ball screw assembly.


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