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Super fast delivery

Depending on your location, large ball screws can spend more time in transit than in the repair shop. We have little control of transit times when some freight companies are involved, so choose your trucker well and get a confirmed delivery date.

For a ball screw that is under the weight and size limits of UPS and FedEx Parcel Service (which account for most ballscrews) the Next Day Air option can be an attractive alternative to expensive downtime. Express Ball Screw Repair
can ship UPS up to 7pm weekday evenings which allow us to recondition and ship ballscrews that need extensive work by the second day. Even when shipped 'ground,' delivery times are reasonable depending on state of origin.

Remember to ship your ballscrew in a suitable container. A cardboard or plastic tube for the smaller units and wooden crates for the larger. If Express Ball Screw Repair
have to custom make a container for your ballscrew the cost will need to be passed on to you. Once rebuilt, your ball screw is a precision assembly and needs to be protected.

If you have any questions about ball screw delivery or shipping
please call: (423) 559-2153

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Express Ball Screw Repair

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