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Quality & Reliability

To guarantee a product, a company needs to be confident that it is suitable for the task it was intended and will stand up to the vigors of every day use. To  insure satisfaction and long life, Express Ball Screw Repair
use only the best quality parts and super fine finishes when it reconditions one of it's ballscrews. Each ball screw is individually processed, preloaded and tested and in some cases tailored to a customer's special requirements. We do not use an assembly line system, each ball screw assembly is unique unto itself.

Why scrap a perfectly serviceable ball screw when it can be reconditioned?

After rebuilding, one of our ballscrews can reasonably be expected to double it's service life, with an appearance and performance equal to or superior to a manufacturer's replacement ball screw. And, because a replacement ball screw may not be in stock or is an expensive special order item, reconditioning your existing ball screw could save you downtime and will definitely save you money.

Why spend more than you need to?

Why suffer more downtime than you need too?

If you have any questions about quality, turnaround time or price, please call: (423) 559-2153
or e-mail us at

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Express Ball Screw Repair

369 Virgil Rymer Road NE. Cleveland TN 37323

Phone: (423) 559-2153      Fax: (423) 559-1044

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